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Borrowing The Hype: How to Leverage Pop-Ups and Local Events

Improve your street cred by piggybacking on the hype of events in your area.

Finding ways to boost your business profile can be as simple as participating in local events, big or small. The temporary nature of pop-ups makes them a strategic choice for those who want to participate in the community and leverage the increased foot traffic of events with an established presence.

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The Benefits of Building Pop-Up Benevolence

Give Back With a Charity Pop-Up event

Campbell’s soup served a seriously smart marketing minestrone by combining benevolence, branding and food into the marketing pot. After teaming up with Daily Bread Food Bank, the largest food relief agency in Toronto, Campbell’s hosted two pop-up restaurants in Montreal and Toronto.

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How the music industry uses pop-ups to improve profits

You don’t have to be Drake or the Weeknd – both of whom caused a stir with their exclusive (and elusive) Toronto pop-ups – to capitalize on the hullabaloo pop-up shops incite. From rap to classical music, artists of every background can use temporary spaces to augment their profits.

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Top 5 Pop-ups in Atlanta

Atlanta is a city known around the world for its diverse musical heritage, Southern hospitality and love for their sports teams. Whether you call Atlanta home or are just visiting, the variety of shopping, dining, and attractions offers something for everyone. Here is our round-up of the must-visit pop-ups happening in Atlanta.

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Marketing your pop-up with Make It Pop

While the temporary nature and FOMO effect are huge draws for pop-ups, it’s not enough to simply set up shop and hope that people will be enticed to come. If you’re going to invest the time and effort to source and secure the perfect location, you should also brand, market and promote your pop-up.

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