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Holday Countdown: 4 days to Christmas It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and to celebrate, The 276 team will be taking a break. But don’t fret, we’ll be back with more [...]
Holday Countdown: 11 days to Christmas #TuesdayTrivia How many sides does a snowflake have?  Scroll to the end for the answer. Future of Commerce Report Square released its second annual “Future [...]
Holday Countdown: 18 days to Christmas #TuesdayTrivia What is the biggest island in the world?  Scroll to the end for the answer. ‘Buy Now, Shop Later’ Mindset Gift cards are shaping up to be the [...]
Holday Countdown: 25 days to Christmas #TuesdayTrivia What is the loudest animal on Earth?  Scroll to the end for the answer. #TrendAlert: Fragrance Expected to Boost Beauty Sales this Holiday [...]
Holday Countdown 2 days to Thanksgiving | 5 days to Hanukkah | 31 days to Christmas #TuesdayTrivia What comes down but never goes up?  Scroll to the end for the answer. Build Brand Authority [...]
Holday Countdown 9 days to Thanksgiving | 12 days to Hanukkah | 38 days to Christmas Alternative Payment Methods A wave of Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are gaining popularity with customers [...]
Holday Countdown 16 days to Thanksgiving | 19 days to Hanukkah | 45 days to Christmas Loyalty Programs: What do Customers Really Want? Last week, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that Nike’s [...]
Holday Countdown 23 days to Thanksgiving | 26 days to Hanukkah | 52 days to Christmas Foot Traffic is Back! Retail foot traffic is up 60% in the US, reported Zenreach, with some segments [...]
Brick-and-Mortar ‘Revenge Shopping’ 30 days to Thanksgiving | 33 days to Hanukkah | 60 days to Christmas As we head into the 2021 holiday season, Insider Intelligence is predicting strong [...]
Holiday Season is Soon Approaching. 37 days to Thanksgiving | 40 days to Hanukkah | 67 days to Christmas eMarketer is predicting U.S. retail sales to be well over $1 trillion this year! Thinking [...]