Welcome to the data-driven pop-up

Track, measure and understand your consumers more than ever

From simple to sophisticated, some pop-ups use technology more than others. Once upon a time, the original pop-up shop only needed a point-of-sale (POS) system and it was good to go. But these days, the most successful pop-ups are the ones who have learned to leverage new tech and digitize retail experiences.

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Pop-up Window-Shopping Gets a Taste of Tech

See our top three interactive storefronts that captivate consumers

If you’ve seen our article on data-driven pop-ups, you know that integrating technology into your retail strategy is an effective method for capturing consumer insights.

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Planning your first pop-up?

Learn how these fashion first-timers brought their brands to new heights.

Last November, we helped bring a fashion pop-up with British flair to Downtown Oakville. The activation took place in a prominent downtown retail destination and gave two independent designers the opportunity to let consumers see their products firsthand – a game changer when it comes to fashion.

Want to know what they learned hosting their first pop-up? Read on…

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Did Physical Retail Die in 2017?

Not by a long shot, read on.

Large-scale retail closures made headlines across the country this year – Sears the most heartbreaking for our Canadian readers (we’re sure Mike Myers is disappointed too).

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Pop-ups don’t need to make money to be successful

Find out why the industry is way past point-of-sale goals

This fall, Google hosted a series of pop-ups that lured large crowds with a sweet marketing strategy. The short-term shops, featuring an unusual link to donuts, were rolled out in nine cities across North America.

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