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For lease Shared space Canada, Quebec, Montreal 4001 saint denis , Qc, Montreal, H2W 2M4
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325 square feet for $54 a day / $1625 a month, in a shared store (minimum 2 weeks lease) in the heart of Montreal's Quartier Latin 325 square feet of space available for rent in a 2000 square foot retail store. The store aims to divide itself into various sections (micro pop-ups), creating multiple stories and providing customers with new products and themes. This particular space is equipped with light fixtures and white grills that can be suspended on 3 of the walls to hang peg/display hooks (ideal for hanging clothing and small products). The space also leads directly to the back storage room of the shared retail space, and is raised 2 steps above street level, naturally drawing customer's attention. Metal shelving is also offered upon request. ++ We propose the best option for sellers who want to launch or temporarily display their products in Montreal without all the preoccupations that come with opening an actual store. For one to two months, you can rent one of the spaces available in our store and let us take care of the rest (employees, POS system, DCC machine, etc.).

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Wifi, Electricity, Air conditioning, Heating, Kitchen, Counters, Fitting rooms, Hangers, Lighting, Shelves, Chairs



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