pop-up go and Downtown at the Gardens shopping center are giving local brands the chance to explore the new and exciting with innovative pop-up opportunities

pop-up go, a trusted connector for landlords and short-term space seekers, has teamed up with Downtown at the Gardens, to help brands capitalize on the emergence of experiential retail as a driving force in today’s marketing ecosystem and present them with the opportunity to connect with consumers in a new and exciting way through pop-ups.

Downtown at the Gardens, an open-air shopping center, offers visitors the ability to experience over 50 unique stores and restaurants while enjoying the area’s lush, tropical ambiance. With a population of 245,895 within a 10-minute drive and customers that have an average income of $105,110 (well above the US average), the center is a hot destination for retailers. Now brands who want to increase their exposure and profitability, can link in with the Downtown at the Gardens’ retail hub and leverage the center’s existing foot traffic by executing a pop-up activation.

Pop-ups will be one of five trends set to impact retail this year, according to Forbes. Brands that want to break the mold can use temporary retail initiatives to reach new consumers, build relationships with existing ones, generate brand awareness, launch new products, conduct market research, or create fun experiences with a focus that goes beyond POS (point of sales). With any of these goals in mind, the spaces at Downtown at the Gardens provide a great oppotunity to help brands achieve and succeed.

“The surroundings at Downtown at the Gardens sets an impressive stage for customers. Their exclusive pop-up-ready spaces provide an amazing opportunity for local businesseses who want to test new concepts and markets through flexible specialty and short-term leasing,” said Linda Farha, Founder and Chief Connector of pop-up go. “As always the fashion industry is a hot contender when it comes to these events, but we want brands from across the board to see their pop-up potential – that includes those in the food market, ecommerce players and even organizations who don’t have physical products to sell, but want to create interesting, intriguing, and often Instagrammable events to achieve their 2019 business goals.”

Downtown at the Gardens has limited pop-up spaces ranging from 1,050 to 6,150 sq.ft. Among the versatile units is a restaurant-style space with built-in seating, a former gym that can be used for recreational-focused events or repurposed for something entirely new, and a sleek modern showroom-style space. Brands that are interested in finding out more can get in touch with the pop-up go team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how they can receive further information on the available spaces and start their pop-up planning at Downtown at the Gardens.

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