Setting up your space as a host for pop-ups is a great way to fill an otherwise empty location with an interesting and unique concept. It’s not only perfect for landlords who envision a permanent place for a rotation of temporary activations, but also those who want to gain revenue in-between leases or test the water before committing to a long-term tenant. Experiential marketing events can help to raise the profile of your space(s) and generate foot traffic for the surrounding area, but before you can host a brand, you first need to grab their attention and let them know if they want to execute a successful event then your space is their best bet!

You can list your vacancies on, where brands can view your space and contact you directly about their planned event, but to make sure you’re standing out from the crowd both online and offline - here’s some things to consider:


Brands can take any space and transform it into the perfect vessel for the event they’ve envisioned. From empty, unfinished units, to retail ready built-out spaces, anything goes depending on what the Seeker is looking for and the budget they have to play with. As the landlord, it’s important to put your best foot forward no matter what the status of your space, to make sure you’re highlighting the selling points of your location. Your space should be clean and clear of any clutter, rubbish or debris to help the interested business imagine their event in your space more easily and streamline their move in process by eliminating a period of clean up before the activation’s kick-off. If it’s in your budget to give your space a lick of fresh paint, this small change can help to present a clean finish for a minimal cost.


Listings on that are accompanied by photographs and other imagery, perform better, and are more likely to attract the attention of brands than those without. Businesses cannot gage their interest in your space until they can see what they are working with. Also, brands may be situated in a different area/country than the location they want to pop-up, so seeing the location before arranging a site-visit is an important process for them to ensure they are on the right track before continuing with their planning.
Photographs can be enhanced if landlords have taken the necessary steps outlined in the previous point to create a clean environment which is more visually appealing to businesses. These images should show the internal and external view of space, as well as any extra areas of interest such as changing rooms and stock rooms. For spaces that do not translate well into photographs and would need extra work before hosting a pop-up, an alternative approach could be to provide a rendering of the space instead of photographs. Some pop-up tenants will request floor plans to help with their planning, to ensure the space and its measurements will be able to accommodate any furniture/fixtures they may need to add prior to their event.


The next step after promoting your space with images is selling it with your words. If you’re just providing more space information to the pop-up tenant or adding the description to your online listing, it’s important that you put yourself in the tenant’s shoes and make sure your giving them all the facts they need to make a decision on your space, including measurements and sizes where applicable. The best approach is to get creative and make the details work for you.

Don’t say: This space also has a separate secondary area at the back.
Do say: This space also has an area measuring 120 sq.ft. which could easily be used as a stock room, staff area or changing room facilities.

Don’t say: There’s no parking at this location.
Do say: There’s no on-street parking at this location, but 60 spaces are available for customers at the conveniently located public pay-and-display car-park at the end of the street.


Pop-up tenants are often keen for a quick turnaround for their event, with some brands organising and executing a pop-up all within one week. This means that the response time of landlords is important to make sure if you catch a big fish, your line is short enough to ensure you can reel it in. A third party like pop-up go can handle and filter these requests, or if you want to go solo on it, then having the relevant information ready at hand can help to speed up the process. This can be aided with sell sheets that include the description, images, size and pricing, and can be simply sent to interested Seekers to review. Site-visits are also a great way to communicate with the potential tenant to discuss the space details, while also giving them a chance to experience the location first hand.

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