The Holiday Season means big bucks in the retail world, and savvy businesses who want to make the most of this window of opportunity are starting to plan for their festive activations now. For ecommerce sellers wanting to create a physical presence and brands wanting to do something extra special, the best way to achieve maximum exposure and boost sales during the Holiday Season is with a pop-up!


Retail sales during the 2017/18 Holiday Season rose by an impressive 5.6%, and despite the increased popularity for online shopping, in-store sales grew by 4.3%*. It’s the perfect time of year to put some cash behind an event that is almost certainly going to reward you with a positive ROI.

If your business sells products which can be marketed as gifts, then get ready to watch items fly off the shelves. In the run up to the Holiday Season, consumers will spend, on average, $967 on items such as decorations, candy and gifts.**

With around 174 million Americans shopping from Thanksgiving Day through to Cyber Monday, high foot traffic is guaranteed. Leverage this and think outside of the box. Get playful or reward your loyal customers with a fun pop-up experience or additional services that are not normally available. You could offer a gift-wrapping service, create a depot for collecting online orders or create an Instagramable Winter Wonderland to drive social media impressions for brand exposure. There’s a wealth of creative options out there, but to make sure they go from paper to pop-up, planning early is a must!


You’re not the only person who can see the great opportunities on offer when setting up a pop-up during the Festive Season. Competitors and like-minded brands will more than likely be planning a similar approach to the Holiday Season, so it’s important to start your plans early and gain a competitive advantage. An important part of popping up is finding the right space – so securing this early means that you won’t have your options limited by forward thinking companies who may beat you to it.

Pop-up Festive Markets are a great way to place yourself in a high foot traffic environment. They’re a great option for brands who have smaller budgets and want a smaller space with minimal set-up. Holiday Markets are extremely popular, and spaces are limited so if you’re interested, make sure to contact the organiser to express your interest and find out the application process soon rather than later, so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Starting early with your planning is not only to get ahead of the competition – but also to make sure you can match the pace of your eager customers and potential pop-up visitors. 41% of consumers will start their holiday shopping in October or earlier2, so strike while the iron is hot and create a timeline that will ensure maximum success for your event.

The Holiday Season is the perfect time for a pop-up - but fail to prepare and prepare to fail. If you are to create a success story you need to hit the bullseye during this critical window of opportunity. Get ahead by creating your pop-up plan, securing the right space and get started on developing the materials and means to market your event – taking the time to do all this now can mean the difference between a Festive Fiesta and a Festive Flop.


* Post-Holiday Recap and Resolutions for 2018

** NRF Holiday Headquarters