When a major brand decides to pop-up, you can guarantee that their activation will be taking place in more than one major city. Top destinations for the latest short-term retail and experience events often include L.A., Paris, Milan, London, Toronto and New York. Your brand may not have the big budget available to companies such as Nike, Kylie Cosmetics or even Goop – but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your show on the road with a pop-up tour.


Planning is everything, and when you’re sketching out your pop-up vision make sure you have your budget in mind and create a set-up that will utilize and not compromise. Create a build-out can be easily transported from one place to the next. Instead of using semi-permanent fixtures that involve a-lot of build-in time, choose elements that can be easily inserted and removed. As much as you may want all your pop-up spaces in each location to be the same, there may be some variables such as size and shape - as the unit you will secure may be dependent on your renting budget. Make sure your layout is adaptable, so once you find the right space, your finishing’s can be altered to suit your new temporary pop-up home.


If you don’t have the budget to go global with your pop-up, don’t give up – a tour is still possible, it’s about creating a system that will work for you. If you can’t jump country to country or even city to city – you could pop-up in locations that are closer to your brand’s home-base – or even stay in your original location and set-up your event in different surrounding neighbourhoods to get the variation you’re looking for. The end goal is to reach more and new people, and this is still achievable even when working on a smaller scale.


Another opinion would be to have your pop-up activation within a larger event. Tradeshows, festivals, trunk-shows and collaboration spaces like KINGDOM in Downtown Toronto, are a great way to move your brand around without large overhead costs. These events usually involve minimal set-up so all you need is your product and marketing material. Opportunities like this are available across North America, Europe and beyond, so it’s just about finding the right fit in each location and you’re good to go.

A pop-up tour isn’t just a good way to increase the attendance of your pop-up event. It’s a great way to reach new consumers outside of your usual stomping ground and can provide a perfect opportunity to meet loyal customers on their home turf. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with pennies or pounds, a pop-up is possible if you have the right plan!