Companies invest a lot of time, effort and resources into developing new products – so it’s important that before they hit the shelves they’re introduced into the market appropriately. A product launch is the perfect way to start a new release on the right path and using a pop-up to do so can make completing a successful launch as easy as P.I.E (preview, inform, excite).


Product launches are a great way to give customers a sneak peek at new things a brand is doing. A pop-up is a great way to make people aware of a new product and gives customers a chance to check it out ahead of the “others”. This preview window is also a great opportunity for feedback and allows brands to collect information – business intelligence – to help make any adjustments before sending their new concept into the ‘real world’. For example, one week before Rihanna’s brand official release of Fenty Beauty’s new make-up palette, the company held a series of pop-ups in Manhattan to showcase the new Moroccan Spice eyeshadows and visitors were encouraged to share their views with staff on-site.


A pop-up product launch can create a dedicated space that serves to promote and educate consumers about a new product. With staff who have been correctly trained, they can represent a brand and become a voice for the company to answer any questions consumers may have about the featured product. Knowledge can lead to trust and this personable approach can help to increase sales for new products, because people will invest in the things they trust. This is something that is becoming increasingly popular with car brands such as Mercedes, who create ‘pop-up’ showrooms to access potential customers and engage with them through education and demonstration of their latest models.


Pop-up product launches can be a clever way to create a sense of excitement around a new product. A fun and interactive experience will attract foot traffic, encourage people to share their visit on social media and offer an opportunity to invite the media, influencers and bloggers to help spread the word about a launch. M&M used this marketing tactic to great success with their ‘M&M Flavour Vote campaign’. Their interactive event was centred around the launch of three new flavours and allowed chocolate lovers to try each one, and vote for the candy they wanted to see on the shelves. Over one million people voted in the first flavour selecting campaign and many of them uploaded their experience to social media.

Launching a product is an important step in making sure you have the right foundation on which to build the success. So, if your brand has something new to showcase, then make sure to create the right platform and reach the right people with a pop-up!