Welcome to the data-driven pop-up

Track, measure and understand your consumers more than ever

From simple to sophisticated, some pop-ups use technology more than others. Once upon a time, the original pop-up shop only needed a point-of-sale (POS) system and it was good to go. But these days, the most successful pop-ups are the ones who have learned to leverage new tech and digitize retail experiences.

We’re not just talking crowd pleasers like virtual reality or artificial intelligence. We’re talking information technology (IT) solutions that help brands glean consumer insights, and consequently, make better business decisions.

Enter: the data-driven pop-up.

Designed to help gather consumer information, data-driven pop-ups use super cool tech solutions that allow brands to record and measure new types of consumer information.

Brands are learning to digitize their pop-up spaces with movement tracking, heat mapping and demographic analysis - unlocking information from the dark and data-barren world of physical retail.

For example, you can use a heat mapping camera to see where consumer foot traffic is heaviest or the typical path a visitor takes through your space. This can show you which products are garnering the most attention or allow you to modify where you place your top sellers to leverage traffic.

Now, we can begin to glean insights akin to what ecommerce brands have been leveraging for years. Through pop-ups, brands can experiment with digital elements that will help us bridge the knowledge gap between online and brick-and-mortar shopping.

While simplicity never goes out of style, there’s a lot of opportunity to integrate technology into even the humblest of pop-ups. As the industry evolves and the demand for consumer information persists, these tech solutions will become increasingly accessible. Even now, companies, like Samsung, go as far as to offer tech packages tailored specifically for pop-ups of any size.

So, next time you plan a pop-up, consider the ways in which you could digitize your space – and maybe you can go beyond the POS system and add a little extra IT for good measure.