Pop-up Window-Shopping Gets a Taste of Tech

See our top three interactive storefronts that captivate consumers

If you’ve seen our article on data-driven pop-ups, you know that integrating technology into your retail strategy is an effective method for capturing consumer insights.

While that’s handy for making informed decisions, the right technology can also help you create interactive and engaging experiences - a great advantage of hosting a pop-up

One of the best places to experiment with interactive tech is the window display, an underrated retail staple.

Born alongside the Industrial Revolution (we’re talking the late 1800s here), window-shopping spread in popularity as an excellent way to draw in shoppers and has remained a fixture in physical retail to this day.

Recently, savvy brands have been upping their window-wow factor by digitizing their storefronts with everything from shapeshifting art to touch-technology games. Combine a captivating storefront with the exclusivity of a pop-up and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

Check out our top three clever window displays:

Nike – House of Innovation at Selfridges

Through abstract representations of their newest products, these mind-bending storefronts move, adapt, and react to passersby.

John Lewis – The Audio Floor

John Lewis brought the beat to the street. With a simple touch, music filled the air drawing attention to the latest Bluetooth speakers from UE, Megaboom, Libratone, Bose and Bang & Olufsen.

Volvo – Pop-up Game

Consumers played a game on the storefront window pane to enter a contest. When successful, lights and sound entice them to enter the pop-up.

Keep an eye on our blog to see what pop-up tech trends emerge in 2018!