Planning your first pop-up?

Learn how these fashion first-timers brought their brands to new heights.

Last November, we helped bring a fashion pop-up with British flair to Downtown Oakville. The activation took place in a prominent downtown retail destination and gave two independent designers the opportunity to let consumers see their products firsthand – a game changer when it comes to fashion.

Want to know what they learned hosting their first pop-up? Read on…

British designer, Angela Huntington, came to Toronto 4 years ago. Primarily an artist and painter, she transitioned into clothing design and set out to create a collection of well-tailored, professional women’s wear inspired by her artwork.

Angela partnered with fellow fashion designer Andrew Majtenyi, as seen in British Vogue, to leverage the affluent demographics of Downtown Oakville. Her line, eponymously named HUNTINGTON London, and his collection entitled By Andrew were brought to life through their first brick and mortar activation.

We talked to Aimee Huntington, Angela’s daughter, to find out how their first pop-up went.

Why did you decide to do a pop-up now?

We chose to do a pop-up because we have never done a bigger production before. This was the first opportunity where we could sell multiple items of clothes, as opposed to doing one off pieces, which they have been in the past. It was a great opportunity to put the clothes in a store and see how it went.

Did the activation ultimately enhance your brand?

It’s very different to have your own store where you can direct people, advertise [your brand] and have people come to see your products firsthand. Being able to try on the clothes is a really big selling point.

It’s all about the cut. I think once you try it on, the fit, the cut, is what really sells it. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback actually which is exciting.

What is your biggest takeaway from hosting a pop-up?

I think the biggest thing that we’ve taken away from this, is that people really loved the clothes. Now we know that the clothes are a hit, and with the right demographic we know how we are going to sell them moving forward.

I think the value of hosting a pop-up is what you learn from your audience. We’ve learned some really important lessons and we are going to use them in the future.

Where do you hope to take the brand?

What we’re hoping for the future is to keep selling and to hopefully open up a permanent Huntington London store.

That’s the goal, to get Huntington London out there and to keep selling clothes.


*This interview has been edited and condensed. HUNTINGTON London and By Andrew collections were showcased at a property in Downtown Oakville managed by pop-up go partner, Bentall Kennedy, one of North America's largest commercial real estate advisors.