Borrowing The Hype: How to Leverage Pop-Ups and Local Events

Improve your street cred by piggybacking on the hype of events in your area

Finding ways to boost your business profile can be as simple as participating in local events, big or small. The temporary nature of pop-ups makes them a strategic choice for those who want to participate in the community and leverage the increased foot traffic of events with an established presence.

Take Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as a prime example. Running from September 7 to 17, 2017 in the heart of downtown Toronto, TIFF is a high-profile event that expands beyond the screen. It is an experience for consumers and an opportunity for businesses to build their brands through association. Each year, businesses across the city create spin-off initiatives so they can participate in the media frenzy that closely follows the festival.

L’Oréal Paris Canada and Bell Media will create the two largest activations at TIFF this year. They are prime example of how brands are using pop-ups within an established event to boost their business profile. Each brand is capitalizing on the festival’s hype by providing event-goers with access to virtual reality demonstrations, product trials, photo booths and an exclusive view of the red carpet.


With the help of Loki Box Design, a Canadian design firm, Bell and L’Oréal will establish their presence in David Pecaut Square with nontraditional structures made from recycled shipping containers. Instead of turning to a typical ‘brick and mortar’ location, these brands have created their own space within the heart of the festival. These fully mobile structures can also be reassembled in any location, indoor or outdoor, allowing these brands to pop-up at TIFF each year.

Participation isn’t exclusive to big brands with big budgets. Many companies find unique ways to leverage the TIFF spotlight to sell their products, establish new customer connections, and grow their brands. Pop-ups in any shape or form create these opportunities because they give brands access to new spaces and target markets.

Here are a few tips when capitalizing on the hype of events near you:

  1. Make a statement: Ask yourself, what will make my brand unforgettable? Bell and L’Oréal enlisted the help of Loki Box Design to establish a strong physical presence at TIFF and provide their own venue for a unique visitor experience.
  2. Create event-specific marketing materials: When creating your content, consider what draws people to the event and how you can relate that to your business. TIFF-goers are attracted to exclusivity and entertainment, so your marketing materials should reflect that.
  3. Create event-only offers: Offer a deal or product to only people who attend the event. It adds another element of novelty to your pop-up.
  4. Measure your success: It’s all in the numbers — whether it is a promotional product giveaway, photo booth attendance, or a simple head count, keep track of your pop-up’s frequency and reach. Use the data to make your next activation “pop” even more.

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