How the music industry uses pop-ups to improve profits

You don’t have to be Drake or the Weeknd – both of whom caused a stir with their exclusive (and elusive) Toronto pop-ups – to capitalize on the hullabaloo pop-up shops incite. From rap to classical music, artists of every background can use temporary spaces to augment their profits.

Across the world, musicians are finding ways to make short-term leases work in their favour. Whether you want to host a one-night-only concert or find a brick and mortar space to sell your merchandise, pop-ups provide the novelty and scarcity you need to motivate your audience into action.

Artists like Kanye West, Desiigner and Travi$ Scott are making waves in New York with their pop-up concert collaborations – selling out small venues but capitalizing on internet hype. Others, with less illustrious names, are using pop-ups to cultivate the personal side of performance.

Pocket Concerts, a custom chamber ensemble, puts on pop-up symphony shows across Toronto. They find new stages for their group of musicians, derived from the Canadian Opera Company and Toronto Symphony Orchestra, to perform. Putting on concerts for an audience as small as five and as large as 120, their main goal is to make classical music as accessible as possible. Pocket Concerts effectively use new spaces to make their mark and lend a personal touch.

For the Toronto music scene, pop-up performances allow musicians to flex their mystery muscles and generate hype through exclusivity. With control over the venue and all promotions, artists don’t have to conform to traditional concert standards. They can develop their performances or sell their merchandise by their own rules. Amongst Hong Kong partygoers, artists are responding to the limited music scene by hosting a series of free pop-up electronic music events across the city.

There are tons of way to engage your fans and followers through pop-ups, but one thing is for certain, they’ll love your departure from the ordinary. The experts at pop-up go will not only find you a space, but help you create strategies for engagement. Everything from planning to promotion, pop-up go can help you create a pop-up that will hit all the right notes.

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