Lights, Camera, Action!

Pop-up spaces can have a host of applications, and we encourage anyone posting their property on pop-up go to think outside the box! From hosting a traditional pop-up shop, to becoming a short-term art gallery, or even a charity fundraising space, any space can be transformed beyond recognition by the right tenant.

One of our favourite pop-up space uses is for photography and film shoots. Short term space leases provide plenty of options for creative teams to do their work – whether as office space for a freelancer, somewhere to store gear when shooting on location, or as the perfect space for an interior or exterior photo or movie shoot.

Take advantage of all the creative enterprises in your city, and in doing so you can discover the power of your property. Is your space located in or near a university town? Think of how students, entrepreneurs and start-ups may want to use it. Exposed brick walls, high solid beams and fireplace focal points are all excellent attributes for a space.

Here are some options of what your space can be:

- A gallery space

- A performance space

- Host a fashion show

- Photo shoot studio space (interior or exterior)

- Storage for additional production items for a film shoot

- A catering zone for larger production shoots

- A meeting space

- A temporary on-location editing suite

- An experiential marketing promo spot ahead of a film opening or product launch

As you can see, the options are endless if you think outside the box! To further explore what role your space can play, and how to monetize it, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and get your listing posted today!