Innovative pop-ups near you

2016 has proven to be the year of amazing pop-up shops. Here is a list of just a few of our favorite pop-ups to hit the streets of Toronto this year.

1. OREJEN Fashion Lab

The OREJEN Fashion Lab pop-up took place over the span of two days on Ossington Avenue. OREJEN is a global marketplace and showroom that aims to build on the brands of emerging and developing designers, carrying brands like Aaryah, Aniimiism, Covry Sunwear and Studio One Eighty Nine. We love OREJEN because of its unique fashion finds, reflected in the interior of this innovative pop-up shop.

2. La Playa

This cozy pop-up shop, held over two weeks in the middle of April also on Ossington Avenue, took pop-up seasonality into account when selling gorgeous designer beachwear for 40% off! La Playa hosted a plethora of festival and bohemian finds, and with the city hosting over five music festivals this summer, La Playa was strategic with its dates and location, becoming the perfect Spring pop-up shop for anyone’s summer haven!

3. Ikea

Ikea has been changing up the pop-up game, taking the global big box brand downtown with a unique, culinary pop-up experience. From May 13 – May 26 on King St. West, Toronto, Ikea offered a unique experience that hoped to unite Torontonians through food. Playing up to one of their defining brand features – wallet-friendly Swedish dishes - Ikea still offered 50 products for purchase in the space, but many were interactive recipe books or green displays enticing people to grow food from home. We love the theme “it starts with food” and how Ikea broke the conventional food rules in a fun, affordable way, attracting a new demographic to their brand while also engaging their long-term customer base.

4. Marni’s Mini Market

Marni’s Mini Market was an organic food and natural beauty product market held on May 15 near Eglinton Avenue West and Chaplin Crescent. The one-day only pop-up showcased like-minded businesses with a passion for healthy, organic plant-based products that make you shine with a healthy glow. With the ethical and environmental vegan culture in full swing, we adore how Marni’s Mini Market promotes cleansing the body, and the Earth, with superfoods and cruelty-free products!

5. Body Thoughts

This pop-up is a little bit different than regular retail stores but that’s why we love it! It was the brainchild of photographer Alexa Mozzarella and former high-fashion model Erica McDonald and is essentially a photography exhibition that popped up from February 11 – 14 and February 18 – 21. The dynamic duo created a beautiful multi-media, immersive display intended to spark conversation about body image and people’s relationships with their bodies – creating a unique and collaborative experience with a lasting impression despite being on display for just a few days.

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