Optimize Your Space for the Perfect Tenant

We are often asked what makes the perfect pop-up space and the truth is that each space is unique, and any pro/con list is dependent on the end use. What may be an asset for some space seekers could be perceived as a disadvantage for others.

For example, a property available for short-term lease a stone’s throw from a busy shopping district would be an ideal location to attract high-traffic for a pop-up shop; however the elevated noise levels at such a prime location may put off those seeking short-term office space.

When listing on pop-up go, make sure you give a comprehensive overview of your space and its many features so you can find the perfect seeker. Consider whether it has available parking, or if it is close to public transport, and whether it has wifi, storage, additional lighting, a kitchen, washroom facilities. The list is endless and the more information you provide, the better. Think about the multitudes of ways your space can be utilized on a short-term basis and try to illustrate its benefits and uses when describing the space, to ensure it registers with the right audience.

Your space can be used…

1) To host a supper club

Supper clubs are a growing phenomenon across towns and cities in North America, often advertised by word of mouth or through social media. They can be hosted anywhere where there is a functioning kitchen, and many clubs take pride in arranging an original, secret-till-the-day location for each and every month.

2) For temporary offices

Available short-term office space can benefit a company that has expanded quickly, is between leases or can serve as a great alternative for freelancers or for companies without designated desks per employee. Those seeking short-term office space may be looking to use the space in ‘off hours’ while juggling a busy schedule, or for weekend or evening use. Space owners who use their office only during the weekdays can benefit financially by renting it out on week nights and weekends.

3) As a photography studio

Finding a large, bright and aesthetically pleasing space to take photos in can be difficult. You may not even think your space is suitable for a photo shoot, but for somebody else it could serve as part of the perfect photographic canvas! Access to convenient parking is a plus here, due to any equipment needs.

4) A conventional pop-up

Of course, as the name pop-up go suggests, we are big fans of the pop-up concept. Whether that be a pop-up restaurant, bar or store, for a day, a week, a month or a year, pop-ups are the perfect way for companies to explore beyond their comfort zones, and the joy is that unique spaces only add to that exciting, transient pop-up experience. From shopping malls to kiosks to greenhouses, pop-up stores are known for inhabiting both common and uncommon spaces.

5) To host a party or event

Again, the space requirements for a party venue will depend on the individual seeker requirements. It’s important however that space seekers ensure all external details are attended to including a liquor license, external insurance, and understanding of venue requirements, including capacity. Be sure to call out these details when listing your space.

6) To host a conference

Space seekers looking to host a conference in their leased space will be interested in the convenience for their attendees. Investigate the availability of parking, local hotels, free wifi, etc. Adding these details to a listing can be a game changer.

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